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Finding people for free in the UK is a difficult task especially if the person does not want to be found, so if you need to find someone who owes you money, an ex tenant or to find a person urgently you should consider our People Finder UK Search. We find the person for you on a no find no fee basis. So if we don’t find the person you are looking for there is no charge whatsoever – and we don’t take any payment details when you submit your order, this service is just £99 and is the simplest way to find people in England and the UK. A trained researcher will look the person you are looking for to their current address. We can find people with even the smallest amounts of information.

If you do not want one of our researchers to locate the person you are looking for and just need some help then an Electoral Roll Search maybe a good way to get the information you need. An Electoral Roll Search can be done by within an hour and you will be provided with a list of people and their addresses that fulfil the criteria you have entered. This is priced at just £4.95 and includes any available telephone numbers.

If you are determined to find people for free then you will have to conduct your own people finder enquiries. To find people for free is not easy but we can provide you with further help and advice so you can perform your own free people investigations. You could also try the following free websites to help you find people for free

  • Google - Type "their name" and last known location, you might get lucky!
  • Facebook - Half the UK is now on Facebook, are the people you want to find?
  • Friends Reunited - Nowhere near as popular as it used to be but still good for locating people
  • - Always worth checking to see if the person is on here
  • Find Old Friends
  • Find Lost Relatives

Finding people for free is a difficult task. You must also take into account your own time and how you value it. You may find that you do find someone for free but how long did it take? With this is mind FinderMonkeys no find no fee service is an excellent way to locate someone in England and our Electoral Roll Search is an effective way to garner information that can help you locate people you have lost touch with in the UK. Good luck with your search to find people for free.

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